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Industry sector (HS Code) Chapters [72] - [83] Metals
Number of companies 1095
Location Worldwide
  You can refine your search by Industry Sector below.
Refine by Industry Sector [Chapters 72-83] Number of companies
Pig Iron and Spiegeleisen in Pigs, Blocks or Other Primary Forms
Ferrous Products Obtained By Direct Reduction of Iron Ore and Other Spongy Ferrous Products
Ferrous Waste and Scrap; Remelting Scrap Ingots of Iron or Steel
Granules and Powders, of Pig Iron, Spiegeleisen, Iron or Steel
Iron and Non-ally Steel in Ingots or Other Primary Forms
Semi-finished Products of Iron or Non-alloy Steel
Flat-rolled Products of Iron or Non-ally Steel, Hot-rolled, Not Clad
Flat-rolled Products of Iron or Non-alloy Steel, Cold-rolled, Not Clad
Flat-rolled Products of Iron or Non-alloy Steel, Clad, Plated or Coated
Flat-rolled Products of Iron or Non-alloy Steel, Less 600mm Width
Flat-rolled Products of Iron or Non-alloy Steel, Less 600mm Width
Bars and Rods, Hot-rolled, of Iron or Non-alloy Steel
Other Bars and Rods of Iron or Non-alloy Steel, Forged, Hot-rolled
Other Bars and Rods of Iron or Non-alloy Steel
Angles, Shapes and Sections of Iron or Non-alloy Steel
Wire of Iron or Non-alloy Steel
Stainless Steel in Ingots; Semi-finished Products of Stainless Steel
Flat-rolled Products of Stainless Steel, of a Width of 600mm or More
Flat-rolled Products of Stainless Steel, Width of Less than 600mm
Bars and Rods, Hot-rolled, in Irregularly Wound Coils, of Stainless Steel
Other Bars, Rods of Stainless Steel; Angles, Shapes and Sections
Wire of Stainless Steel
Other Alloy Steel in Ingots; Semi-finished Products
Flat-rolled Products of Other Alloy Steel, Width of 600mm or More
Flat-rolled Products of Other Alloy Steel, Width of Less than 600mm
Bars, Rods, Hot-rolled, in Irregularly Wound Coils, of Other Alloy Steel
Other Bars and Rods, Angles, Shapes, Sections, of Other Alloy Steel
Wire of Other Alloy Steel
Sheet Piling of Iron or Steel; Welded Angles, Shapes and Sections
Railway or Tramway Track Construction Material of Iron or Steel
Tubes, Pipes and Hollow Profiles, of Cast Iron
Tubes, Pipes and Hollow Profiles, Seamless, of Iron or Steel
Other Tubes and Pipes (Welded, Riveted), of Iron or Steel
Other Tubes, Pipes and Hollow Profiles (Open Seam or Welded, Riveted)
Tube or Pipe Fittings (Couplings, Elbows, Sleeves), of Iron or Steel
Structures and Parts of Structures, of Iron or Steel
Reservoirs, Tanks, Vats and Similar Containers, of Iron or Steel
Tanks, Casks, Drums, Cans, Boxes and Similar Containers, of Iron or Steel
Containers for Compressed or Liquefied Gas, of Iron or Steel
Stranded Wire, Ropes, Cables, Plaited Bands, Slings, of Iron or Steel
Barded Wire of Iron or Steel; Twisted Hoop or Single Flat Wire
Cloth, Grill, Netting and Fencing, Expanded Metal, of Iron or Steel
Chain and Parts Thereof Of, Iron or Steel
Anchors, Grapnels and Parts thereof, of Iron or Steel
Nails, Tacks, Drawing Pins, Corrugated Nails, Staples, of Iron or Steel
Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Coach Screws, Screw Hocks, Rivets, of Iron or Steel
Sewing Needles, Knitting Needles, for Use in the Hand, of Iron or Steel
Springs and Leaves for Springs, of Iron or Steel
Stoves, Ranges, Grates, Cookers, Barbecues, Braziers, of Iron or Steel
Radiators, Air Heaters, Hot Air Distributors, and parts thereof, not electrically heated
Table, Kitchen or Other Household Articles, of Iron or Steel
Sanitary Ware and Parts Thereof, of Iron or Steel
Other Cast Articles of Iron or Steel
Other Articles of Iron or Steel
Copper Mattes; Cement Copper (Precipitated Copper)
Unrefined Copper; Copper Anodes for Electrolytic Refining
Refined Copper and Copper Alloys, Unwrought
Copper Waste and Scrap
Master Alloys of Copper
Copper Powders and Flakes
Copper Bars, Rods and Profiles
Copper Wire
Copper Plates, Sheets and Strip, of a Thickness Exceeding 0.15mm
Copper Foil of a Thickness Not Exceeding 0.15mm
Copper Tubes and Pipes
Copper Tube or Pipe Fittings (For Example, Couplings, Elbows, Sleeves)
Stranded Wire, Cables, Plaited Bands and the Like, of Copper
Cloth, Grill and Netting, of Copper Wire; Expanded Metal of Copper
Nails, Tacks, Drawing Pins, Staples, Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Rivets, of Copper
Copper Springs
Cooking or Heating Apparatus of a Kind Used for Domestic Purposes
Household Articles, Pot Scourers, Sanitary Ware, of Copper
Other Articles of Copper
Nickel Mattes, Nickel Oxide Sinters
Unwrought Nickel
Nickel Waste and Scrap
Nickel Powders and Flakes
Nickel Bars, Rods, Profiles and Wire
Nickel Plates, Sheets, Strip and Foil
Nickel Tubes, Pipes and Tube or Pipe Fittings (Couplings, Elbows, Sleeves)
Other Articles of Nickel
Unwrought Aluminium
Aluminium Waste and Scrap
Aluminium Powders and Flakes
Aluminium Bars, Rods and Profiles
Aluminium Wire
Aluminium Plates, Sheets and Strip, of a Thickness Exceeding 0.2mm
Aluminium Foil, of a Thickness Not Exceeding 0.2mm
Aluminium Tubes and Pipes
Aluminium Tube or Pipe Fittings (Couplings, Elbows, Sleeves)
Aluminium Structures and Parts of Structures
Aluminium Reservoirs, Tanks, Vats, of a Capacity Exceeding 300l
Aluminium Casks, Drums, Cans, Boxes, of a Capacity Not Exceeding 300l
Aluminium Containers for Compressed or Liquefied Gas
Stranded Wire, Cables, Plaited Bands and the Like, of Aluminium
Table, Kitchen or Other Household Articles and Sanitary Ware
Other Articles of Aluminium
Unwrought Lead
Lead Waste and Scrap
Lead Bars, Rods, Profiles and Wire
Lead Plates. Sheets, Strip, Foil, Powders and Flakes
Lead Tubes, Pipes and Tube or Pipe Fittings (Couplings, Elbows, Sleeves)
Other Articles of Lead
Unwrought Zinc
Zinc Waste and Scrap
Zinc Dust, Powders and Flakes
Zinc Bars, Rods, Profiles and Wire
Zinc Plates, Sheets, Strip
Zinc Tubes, Pipes and Tube or Pipe Fittings (Couplings, Elbows, Sleeves)
Other Articles of Zinc
Unwrought Tin
Tin Waste and Scrap
Tin Bars, Rods, Profiles and Wire
Tin Plates, Sheets and Strip, of a Thickness Exceeding 0.2mm
Tin Foil of a Thickness Not Exceeding 0.2mm; Tin Powders and Flakes
Tin Tubes, Pipes and Tube or Pipe Fittings (Couplings, Elbows, Sleeves)
Other Articles of Tin
Tungsten and Articles Thereof
Molybdenum and Articles Thereof
Tantalum and Articles Thereof
Magnesium and Articles Thereof
Cobalt Mattes and Other Intermediate Products of Cobalt Metallurgy
Bismuth and Articles Thereof
Cadmium and Articles Thereof
Titanium and Articles Thereof
Zirconium and Articles Thereof
Antimony and Articles Thereof, Including Waste and Scrap
Manganese and Articles Thereof, Including Waste and Scrap
Beryllium, Chromium, Germanium, Vanadium, Gallium, Hafnium, Indium, Niobium
Cermets and Articles Thereof, Including Waste and Scrap
Hand Tools (Spades, ..etc), Hewing Tools & Other Tools Used in Agriculture, Horticulture or Forestry
Hand Saws; Blades for Saws of All Kinds
Files, Rasps, Pliers, Pincers, Tweezers, Pipe-cutters, Bolt-croppers
Hand-operated Spanners and Wrenches; Interchangeable Spanner Sockets
Hand Tools, Vices, Clamps, Anvils, Portables Forges, Grinding Wheels
Tools of Two or More, Put up in Sets for Retail Sale
Interchangeable Tools for Hand Tools or for Machine-tools
Knives and Cutting Blades, for Machines or for Mechanical Appliances
Plates, Sticks, Tips and the Like for Tools Unmounted
Hand-operated Mechanical Appliances, Weighing 10kg or Less
Knives With Cutting Blades and Blades Therefor
Razors and Razor Blades
Scissors and Blades Therefor
Other Articles of Cutlery; Manicure or Pedicure Sets and Instruments
Spoons, Forks, Ladles, Skimmers and Similar Kitchen or Table Ware
Padlocks, Locks, Keys, of Base Metal
Base Metal Mountings, Fittings and Similar Articles
Safes, Strong-boxes and Doors and Safe Deposit Lockers for Strong-rooms
Strong-boxes, Cash or Deed Boxes and the Like, of Base Metal
Letter Clips, Indexing Tags and Similar Office Articles, of Base Metal
Bells, Gongs, Statuettes, Photograph Frames, Mirrors, of Base Metal
Flexible Tubing of Base Metal
Clasps, Frames With Clasps, Buckles, Hooks, and the Like, of Base Metal
Stoppers, Caps, Lids, Seals, Other Packing Accessories, of Base Metal
Sign-plates, Name-plates, Numbers and Other Symbols, of Base Metal
Wire, Rods, Tubes, Plates, Electrodes, of Base Metal or of Metal Carbides
1095   Companies Found Showing Page:   of 22
foshan upo oversea service co.,ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Trading Company ]
Foshan Upo Overseas Service Company is a well-known professional undertaking sourcing, quality control ,order tracking and arrange shipping concerning products made in China. We are skilled at finding the right CSA factory and the right CAS product o
China Wante Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Distributor / Wholesaler]
main products:carbon steel pipe fittings, elbow, teel, reducer, pipe bend, pipe cap. carbon steel seamless steel pipe, carbon steel ERW pipe, carbon steel spiral pipe. certification:ISO9001:2000, API5L
Cangzhouxiangyu Metal Material Co.,Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Our products mainly include Seamless steel pipe, Hot-finished steel pipe, ERW steel pipe ,SAW steel pipe , Pipe fittings, flange ,tee, elbow etc. Those products are not only sold to domestic large-scale enterprises, such as thermal power plant, chemical
Laffey Metal Products Co., Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
we, Laffey Metal Products Co., Ltd, are one leading exporter and stockist of all kinds of stainless steel pipe, hr/cr coil, color/embossed/etched/mosaic/HL/mirror plate, weld/seamless pipe, strips. Here is direct factory, price is quite competitive!
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Forto Tube is devoted to the manufacturing of stainless steel tubes. Forto Tube's products include a wide range of round, square and rectangular ornamental. We not only manufacture and supply decorative tubing products.
Able China International Group Limited [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We are a professional producer of Ferro Silicon Magnesium, Ferro Silicon Barium Calcium, Ferro Silicon Zirconium, Mould Inoculant and so on.
Lingbao Xinling Lead Industry Co.Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Lingbao Xinling Lead Industry Co.,Ltd is a reputable China integrated private enterprise engaged in smelting and refining of non-ferrous metals; manufacture and marketing of ..........
Wuyi Dapeng Stainless Steel Factory [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We have been specializing in developing, manufacturing and selling various knife with brand of "Dashifu", which was established in 1999. Our main products are fruit knife, kitchen knife, etc, with excellent quality and reasonable price.
Foshan Chancheng Guangbaoshun Stainless Steel Product Co., Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
After years of development, our company now is a big systematic enterprise with design, producing and sales operations. Also we had won good reputation in the local market.
Huzhou Tianchen Roll Shutters Co., Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
The company is devoted to improving the urban grade, improving the security, comfortableness of the house actively, in order to fully satisfy the pursuit to the living environment of modern society.
Qingdao Hua Moist Hand Truck [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We are a professional producer of all kinds of material handling tools in China. Our products cover wheelbarrow, hand truck, hand trolley, sack truck, garden cart, rubber wheel, tyre and tube etc. any enquiry will be highly appreciated.
Changshu Yirunda Commercial Equipment Accessories Factory [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We have advanced production equipment and many professional technicians, together with first-class managing and administrative personnel. Our responsibility is to provide “good quality and low price” products and quick and satisfactory services for o
China Ningbo Kingtiger safes Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
China Ningbo Kingtiger safes Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer with designing, manufacturing many kinds of hotel safes, gun safes, Depository Safes etc for many years history. Our products have been selling to many countries and areas such as US, EU
qiang li shi hardware [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
factory selling:ratchet tie down\tow rope\baggage band\sling\safety belt\glisten product\safety instruments\water heating fittings
广州富有进出口贸易有限公司 [China]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Broker / Agent, Trading Company ]
Freya (Interntional) Trading Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Broker / Agent, Trading Company ]
FREYA (INTERNTIONAL) TRADING CO.,LTD was registered in Hong Kong and established the Sales Department in Shenzhen, China. We mainly handled export Communications,Magnetic Core,Hardwares & Plastics products, also could provide the high quality Raw Material
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Trading Company ]
Main camp cookware;tea maker,Barbecue Series ;hip flask ,Corkscrew ,barwareCastironcanteen Product exportation The product the general overseascustomer favour, is deeply sold in distant markets the Americas,Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Oceania and so
Cangzhou Ruitai Pipe Fittings Co.,Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Trading Company ]
Our company majors in producing and selling pipe fittings and forging steel flanges. Details as follows: Products: Butt-weld pipe fitting ,for example Elbows,Tees,Reducers,Caps Flanges ,Bends. Sizes: 1/2″---48″ Material:Carbon steel.
Hengtai Industry Production Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Possessing excellent geographical location, convenient transportation and strong technical power, Jiaonan Hengtai Industry Production Co., Ltd can produce handcart, hand truck, tool cart, rubber wheel and platform handtruck total over 400 types...
lianyu stainless steel cutlery company [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Jieyang LianYu Stainless Steel Co., LTD, located in Xinxing Industrial Park, Rongcheng Area, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province consists of Administration, Production, Sales, R&D, Quality Control departments and so on. Our company boasts tremendous technol
Shenzhen Bokai Energy Efficient kithen Utensil Co,. Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Trading Company ]
Boké energy-saving kitchen utensils Shenzhen, Co,. Ltd. is a production entities which is engaged in undertaking hotels, restaurants, canteens kitchenware equipment works, custom made supermarkets, hospitals of all types of stainless steel products.
莱芜市清义物资有限公司 [China]
[EXPORTER][Trading Company ]
本公司经营优钢 . 建材 . 铁精粉 .方坯 .钢锭 等....注册资金100万 .库存5000吨左右
Wenzhou City Gaici Auto Fittings Co.,Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Wenzhou City Gaici Auto Fittings Co.,Ltd located in International Automobile Parts District(Tanglxia Town)Ruian,Zhejiang,China。It is only 19 kilometers, respectively, away from Wenzhou Airport and 15 kilometers from Wenzhou Railway Station
shandong fada international trade co., ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Trading Company ]
Shandong Fada International Trade Co.,Ltd. is located in the Shandong Fuwang Steel Market(Xingfu Steel Trades City of China), which is the largest circulation market of steel plates in the People’s Republic of China.
Ardee Business Services, Tianjin [China]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We are leading manufacturers of cored wire for the steel making process and have plants in Tianjin and Inner Mongolia. Our other products include CaSi, Calcined Anthracite, graphite and ferro vanadium.
Baoji Baose Special Metal Ltd., Co [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Our company is the high-tech enterprises which specialized in deeping processed titanium and non-ferrous metal materials,developing special industrial furnace.
Hebei Guanda Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Trading Company ]
Hebei guanda metal wire mesh co. , ltd. Is located in anping, the biggest wire mesh production base area of asia also known as wire mesh land of China, being close to beijing, the capital city of China and Tianjin, the chief seaport of north China.
聊城永通达商贸有限公司 [China]
[EXPORTER][Distributor / Wholesaler]
聊城永通达商贸有限公司(原聊城永通铸管厂)公司自成立以来,深受诸多单位的支持与信赖,现已被授于“重合同守信用”单位,公司常年与各大钢厂合作,是一家专营无缝钢管、球墨铸铁管、螺旋管及管件为主,兼营线材、板材的大型企业,并多次成为大型工程配套供应钢管。我公司将以客户需求为立足点,以价格合理、供货及时、周到的服务、良好的信誉来答谢新老客户的支持与信赖。 公司宗旨:以信誉求生存 以质量求竞争 以实力求发展 以真诚求合作
上海彩塘实业有限公司 [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
无锡宏佳五金加工厂 [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
中国阳江百兵坊刀具有限公司 [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Trading Company ]
阳江市·百兵坊刀具有限公司 是一家集生产、贸易和营销于一体的工贸企业。我们拥有全套先进的刀剪生产线和经验丰富的生产团队以及一支专业的营销队伍。我们多家刀具厂联营协作,专厂专产、资源互补。是一家设备、技术力量雄厚,生产能力强,产品资源丰富的工贸公司。我们主要生产各种野营刀具、著名军刀、精工小刀、武术器材、工艺刀剑、礼品小刀。我们的产品远销世界各地,同时也为国内众多企、事业单位提供物美价廉的赠品刀具和促销专用产品。
Baotou Jingsheng Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Baotou Jingsheng Industry & Trade Co., Ltd in China, is a professional manufacturing company for ferroalloy cored wires. It produces cored wires of φ10mm, φ13mm, andφ16mm with the following variety: CaSi, FeSi, C, FeTi, FeMn, ReMgFeSi and so on.
ZG imitate the ancient goods factory [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Shanghai Suyu Railway Fasteners Co.,Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Shanghai Suyu Railway Fasteners Co.,Ltd company is a professional manufacturer of railway fasteners. We have proven to be reliable in supplying fasteners to our customers with competitive pricing, dependable quality and very attentive customer service
Anping County Jiasheng Metal Products Co.,Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Anping county jiasheng metal products co. ,ltd. Is located the "township of wire mesh" -- wire mesh industry garden anping county hebei province. Our company, is a science and technology specialized factory gathering chain link fence, wire mesh fence and
Anping Hebei Province, Wei metal mesh Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Anping Wei metal mesh Ltd. is located in the world-renowned "home screen." The main products are: welded wire mesh, copper network, filters, hexagonal, stainless steel net, screens, the eye network, wire meshes, black silk, all kinds of board network, Hul
Wuyi Weihua Industry&Trade Co.,Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Wuyi Weihua Industry&Trade Co.,Ltd mainly specialized in making aluminum coffee maker.Our company has introduced advanced production equipment and complete testing equipment to ensure the quality and stability.Product technical performance in line with th
Ankai Hardware & Mesh Products Co.,Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Ankai hardware & mesh products co. ,ltd ,established in 2005, owns two factories in china mainland. We can supply many kinds of replacment grease filters,hvac filters;wire shelf,wire basket, wire and wire mesh;fstener,thomas steel,hardware tool etc.
shenze yinuo chemical fittings CO.,LTD [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
we are large manufacturer pf flanges, tee, valves, elbow, pipe fittings. Good quality and low price. Shenzeyinuofittings@yahoo.com.cn
Aodigang [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Guangzhou Aodigang garment rack co.,ltd is the professional garment rack producer that mainly designs, develops and produces the brand 'Ao Di Gang'. Its up-to-date, special and fashionable designs become a beautiful scenery in the department stores.
Cangzhou City Jinxinlei Pipeline Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
vera TEL 86-0317-3089198 FAX 86-0317-3063298 MSN emmaweifang@163.com E-mail jinxinlei.pipeline@163.com
Anping Mingwangte Wiremesh.,Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Trading Company ]
hebei anping mingwangte mesh products co.,ltd. is located in the famous "native land of wire mesh in china"-anping,it is professional in manufacturing various kinds of metal wire mesh.our main products are:welded wire mesh,fence, mesh used for petroleum,e
Foshan Nanhai Jialiang Hardware&Electric Appliance Co.Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Foshan Nanhai Jialiang Hardware&Electric Appliance Co.Ltd. was established in 2005.The production company is located in Guangdong Province in Sounth China Sea city of Shishan Liantang Industry zone. After years of rapid development in the mold developing,
海盐海利紧固件厂 [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
海盐海利紧固件厂是一家专业生产标准件产品的制造商!年产各类紧固件6000吨,主要生产DIN975、BS、ANSI等各类高品质牙条!产品规格 DIN975 M3~M36 ,BS 、ANSI M3\16~ 1-1\2。长度0.1M~4M 。产品远销欧美、中东 、东南亚等地!我们将以一流的生产技术、一流的服务体系、为客户提供品质优良、性能稳定、价格合理的产品。诚信为本、客户至上,让客户满意是我们永远不变的宗旨!期待着和您的合作!!!
Guangzhou Huiya Floor Co.,Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
GUANGZHOU HUIYA FLOOR CO. LTD. is a specialized manufacturer that researches and develops anti-static raised access floors, woodcore raised floors, ceramic flooring, OA intelligent raised floors and PVC floors.
奥泰家具有限公司 [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Retailer, Distributor / Wholesaler]
Teammate Tools Co,.Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Trading Company ]
We are a well equiped supplier in export of various kind of tools,such as hand tools,garden tools,etc,.We can offer very cheap price but based on the same quality standard in global market.
上好木狼精密工业有限公司 [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Trading Company ]
木狼公司(台湾MOKE集团关系子公司)是台湾领先的高性能不锈钢及钛合金提供商和加工商,活跃于该行业各个领域。关于我们大陆业务的更多信息可见于木狼公司网站www.chinamolan.com。 本世纪初,我们通过与中国钢铁工业协会的技术合作进入中国。在随后的6年多的时间里,在继续开拓合资机会的同时,我们还在华东地区建立了自己的销售办事处和加工厂。 截止2008年底,我们通过代理、经销、代销等方式与数10家世界最优秀的不锈钢及钛合金企业达成合作伙伴关系。
hebei huike steel pipe co.ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Distributor / Wholesaler]
Our company is one of the largest professional manufa-cturers of seamless steel tubes in He bei Province. The main products are all kinds of specification of tubes, such as oil pipeline tubes, casing tubes, GB8162 structure tubes, GB8163 liquid tu
Tangshan Fengrun Xinyang Trading Co.,Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Trading Company ]
We are a large company that manage all types of profiled steel base in China,such as angle steel, channel steel, I-beam, H-beam, flat steel, welded pipe, deformed steel bar and steel plates etc. Same time, we can manage any types according to our clients
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