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Industry sector (HS Code) Chapters [72] - [83] Metals
Number of companies 1095
Location Worldwide
  You can refine your search by Industry Sector below.
Refine by Industry Sector [Chapters 72-83] Number of companies
Pig Iron and Spiegeleisen in Pigs, Blocks or Other Primary Forms
Ferrous Products Obtained By Direct Reduction of Iron Ore and Other Spongy Ferrous Products
Ferrous Waste and Scrap; Remelting Scrap Ingots of Iron or Steel
Granules and Powders, of Pig Iron, Spiegeleisen, Iron or Steel
Iron and Non-ally Steel in Ingots or Other Primary Forms
Semi-finished Products of Iron or Non-alloy Steel
Flat-rolled Products of Iron or Non-ally Steel, Hot-rolled, Not Clad
Flat-rolled Products of Iron or Non-alloy Steel, Cold-rolled, Not Clad
Flat-rolled Products of Iron or Non-alloy Steel, Clad, Plated or Coated
Flat-rolled Products of Iron or Non-alloy Steel, Less 600mm Width
Flat-rolled Products of Iron or Non-alloy Steel, Less 600mm Width
Bars and Rods, Hot-rolled, of Iron or Non-alloy Steel
Other Bars and Rods of Iron or Non-alloy Steel, Forged, Hot-rolled
Other Bars and Rods of Iron or Non-alloy Steel
Angles, Shapes and Sections of Iron or Non-alloy Steel
Wire of Iron or Non-alloy Steel
Stainless Steel in Ingots; Semi-finished Products of Stainless Steel
Flat-rolled Products of Stainless Steel, of a Width of 600mm or More
Flat-rolled Products of Stainless Steel, Width of Less than 600mm
Bars and Rods, Hot-rolled, in Irregularly Wound Coils, of Stainless Steel
Other Bars, Rods of Stainless Steel; Angles, Shapes and Sections
Wire of Stainless Steel
Other Alloy Steel in Ingots; Semi-finished Products
Flat-rolled Products of Other Alloy Steel, Width of 600mm or More
Flat-rolled Products of Other Alloy Steel, Width of Less than 600mm
Bars, Rods, Hot-rolled, in Irregularly Wound Coils, of Other Alloy Steel
Other Bars and Rods, Angles, Shapes, Sections, of Other Alloy Steel
Wire of Other Alloy Steel
Sheet Piling of Iron or Steel; Welded Angles, Shapes and Sections
Railway or Tramway Track Construction Material of Iron or Steel
Tubes, Pipes and Hollow Profiles, of Cast Iron
Tubes, Pipes and Hollow Profiles, Seamless, of Iron or Steel
Other Tubes and Pipes (Welded, Riveted), of Iron or Steel
Other Tubes, Pipes and Hollow Profiles (Open Seam or Welded, Riveted)
Tube or Pipe Fittings (Couplings, Elbows, Sleeves), of Iron or Steel
Structures and Parts of Structures, of Iron or Steel
Reservoirs, Tanks, Vats and Similar Containers, of Iron or Steel
Tanks, Casks, Drums, Cans, Boxes and Similar Containers, of Iron or Steel
Containers for Compressed or Liquefied Gas, of Iron or Steel
Stranded Wire, Ropes, Cables, Plaited Bands, Slings, of Iron or Steel
Barded Wire of Iron or Steel; Twisted Hoop or Single Flat Wire
Cloth, Grill, Netting and Fencing, Expanded Metal, of Iron or Steel
Chain and Parts Thereof Of, Iron or Steel
Anchors, Grapnels and Parts thereof, of Iron or Steel
Nails, Tacks, Drawing Pins, Corrugated Nails, Staples, of Iron or Steel
Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Coach Screws, Screw Hocks, Rivets, of Iron or Steel
Sewing Needles, Knitting Needles, for Use in the Hand, of Iron or Steel
Springs and Leaves for Springs, of Iron or Steel
Stoves, Ranges, Grates, Cookers, Barbecues, Braziers, of Iron or Steel
Radiators, Air Heaters, Hot Air Distributors, and parts thereof, not electrically heated
Table, Kitchen or Other Household Articles, of Iron or Steel
Sanitary Ware and Parts Thereof, of Iron or Steel
Other Cast Articles of Iron or Steel
Other Articles of Iron or Steel
Copper Mattes; Cement Copper (Precipitated Copper)
Unrefined Copper; Copper Anodes for Electrolytic Refining
Refined Copper and Copper Alloys, Unwrought
Copper Waste and Scrap
Master Alloys of Copper
Copper Powders and Flakes
Copper Bars, Rods and Profiles
Copper Wire
Copper Plates, Sheets and Strip, of a Thickness Exceeding 0.15mm
Copper Foil of a Thickness Not Exceeding 0.15mm
Copper Tubes and Pipes
Copper Tube or Pipe Fittings (For Example, Couplings, Elbows, Sleeves)
Stranded Wire, Cables, Plaited Bands and the Like, of Copper
Cloth, Grill and Netting, of Copper Wire; Expanded Metal of Copper
Nails, Tacks, Drawing Pins, Staples, Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Rivets, of Copper
Copper Springs
Cooking or Heating Apparatus of a Kind Used for Domestic Purposes
Household Articles, Pot Scourers, Sanitary Ware, of Copper
Other Articles of Copper
Nickel Mattes, Nickel Oxide Sinters
Unwrought Nickel
Nickel Waste and Scrap
Nickel Powders and Flakes
Nickel Bars, Rods, Profiles and Wire
Nickel Plates, Sheets, Strip and Foil
Nickel Tubes, Pipes and Tube or Pipe Fittings (Couplings, Elbows, Sleeves)
Other Articles of Nickel
Unwrought Aluminium
Aluminium Waste and Scrap
Aluminium Powders and Flakes
Aluminium Bars, Rods and Profiles
Aluminium Wire
Aluminium Plates, Sheets and Strip, of a Thickness Exceeding 0.2mm
Aluminium Foil, of a Thickness Not Exceeding 0.2mm
Aluminium Tubes and Pipes
Aluminium Tube or Pipe Fittings (Couplings, Elbows, Sleeves)
Aluminium Structures and Parts of Structures
Aluminium Reservoirs, Tanks, Vats, of a Capacity Exceeding 300l
Aluminium Casks, Drums, Cans, Boxes, of a Capacity Not Exceeding 300l
Aluminium Containers for Compressed or Liquefied Gas
Stranded Wire, Cables, Plaited Bands and the Like, of Aluminium
Table, Kitchen or Other Household Articles and Sanitary Ware
Other Articles of Aluminium
Unwrought Lead
Lead Waste and Scrap
Lead Bars, Rods, Profiles and Wire
Lead Plates. Sheets, Strip, Foil, Powders and Flakes
Lead Tubes, Pipes and Tube or Pipe Fittings (Couplings, Elbows, Sleeves)
Other Articles of Lead
Unwrought Zinc
Zinc Waste and Scrap
Zinc Dust, Powders and Flakes
Zinc Bars, Rods, Profiles and Wire
Zinc Plates, Sheets, Strip
Zinc Tubes, Pipes and Tube or Pipe Fittings (Couplings, Elbows, Sleeves)
Other Articles of Zinc
Unwrought Tin
Tin Waste and Scrap
Tin Bars, Rods, Profiles and Wire
Tin Plates, Sheets and Strip, of a Thickness Exceeding 0.2mm
Tin Foil of a Thickness Not Exceeding 0.2mm; Tin Powders and Flakes
Tin Tubes, Pipes and Tube or Pipe Fittings (Couplings, Elbows, Sleeves)
Other Articles of Tin
Tungsten and Articles Thereof
Molybdenum and Articles Thereof
Tantalum and Articles Thereof
Magnesium and Articles Thereof
Cobalt Mattes and Other Intermediate Products of Cobalt Metallurgy
Bismuth and Articles Thereof
Cadmium and Articles Thereof
Titanium and Articles Thereof
Zirconium and Articles Thereof
Antimony and Articles Thereof, Including Waste and Scrap
Manganese and Articles Thereof, Including Waste and Scrap
Beryllium, Chromium, Germanium, Vanadium, Gallium, Hafnium, Indium, Niobium
Cermets and Articles Thereof, Including Waste and Scrap
Hand Tools (Spades, ..etc), Hewing Tools & Other Tools Used in Agriculture, Horticulture or Forestry
Hand Saws; Blades for Saws of All Kinds
Files, Rasps, Pliers, Pincers, Tweezers, Pipe-cutters, Bolt-croppers
Hand-operated Spanners and Wrenches; Interchangeable Spanner Sockets
Hand Tools, Vices, Clamps, Anvils, Portables Forges, Grinding Wheels
Tools of Two or More, Put up in Sets for Retail Sale
Interchangeable Tools for Hand Tools or for Machine-tools
Knives and Cutting Blades, for Machines or for Mechanical Appliances
Plates, Sticks, Tips and the Like for Tools Unmounted
Hand-operated Mechanical Appliances, Weighing 10kg or Less
Knives With Cutting Blades and Blades Therefor
Razors and Razor Blades
Scissors and Blades Therefor
Other Articles of Cutlery; Manicure or Pedicure Sets and Instruments
Spoons, Forks, Ladles, Skimmers and Similar Kitchen or Table Ware
Padlocks, Locks, Keys, of Base Metal
Base Metal Mountings, Fittings and Similar Articles
Safes, Strong-boxes and Doors and Safe Deposit Lockers for Strong-rooms
Strong-boxes, Cash or Deed Boxes and the Like, of Base Metal
Letter Clips, Indexing Tags and Similar Office Articles, of Base Metal
Bells, Gongs, Statuettes, Photograph Frames, Mirrors, of Base Metal
Flexible Tubing of Base Metal
Clasps, Frames With Clasps, Buckles, Hooks, and the Like, of Base Metal
Stoppers, Caps, Lids, Seals, Other Packing Accessories, of Base Metal
Sign-plates, Name-plates, Numbers and Other Symbols, of Base Metal
Wire, Rods, Tubes, Plates, Electrodes, of Base Metal or of Metal Carbides
1095   Companies Found Showing Page:   of 22
baishun steel and iron limited company of zhengzhou [China]
[EXPORTER][Trading Company ]
steel and iron of pressure vessel,for example,Q245R Q345R (PH)CrMoR and so on.
Baixin Wire Mesh Manufacture Co., Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Baixin Wire Mesh Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a wire mesh manufacturer and distributor based in Anping, the Wire Mesh Land of China. We mainly supply expanded metal, perforated metal, woven wire mesh in stainless steel and brass, welded wire mesh and other wi
Balaji Overseas [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Manufacturing of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, pipe fitting, flange stud, bolt nut, instrument fitting & parts as per customers.
Baoji Baose Special Metal Ltd., Co [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Our company is the high-tech enterprises which specialized in deeping processed titanium and non-ferrous metal materials,developing special industrial furnace.
Baoji Baoye Titanium-Nickel Industry CO.,LTD [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Government, Retailer]
We are a key manufacturer of titanium sheets and plates in China. We are authorized by the Chinese government to offer titanium sheets and plates for military industries. The annual production of titanium sheets and plates is about 1800 tons
Baoji First Titanium Industry Co,.Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Distributor / Wholesaler]
We are a manufacturer of titanium and titanium alloys materials and products.Our main products are titanium bars and rods.titanium sheets and platets,titanium tubes and pipes,titanium wires,titanium forges,titanium pipe fittings,titanium fasteners .
Baoji Huisheng Rare Metal Materials Co., Ltd [Paraguay]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Trading Company ]
We specialize in manufacturing and supplying rare metal materials, such as titanium, tungsten, molybdenum, nickel, zirconium, tantalum, niobium, etc and their alloy materials. The main products cover powder, scrap, plates/sheets, bars/rods, strips/wires,
Baoji Yi'run Titanium Industry Co.,Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Baoji Yi’run Titanium Industry Co., Ltd was established in 1986,it is located in the Chinese “Titanium City “----- Baoji City in Shaanxi Province. I Now the company lies at No.6 High-tech Road of Baoji National Hi-tech Development Zone
Baoji Yongshengtai Titanium Industry Co., Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We have had 15 years experience in producing titanium and titanium mill products .such as titanium billets & bars, titanium plates & sheets,titaium forgiing,titanium disc. Ms.Alice Skype:alicesmile04 MSN/Email:alicesmile04#hotmail.com
Baoqiang Iron and Steel Company [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Supply kinds of size flat bar.
Baotou FOUND petroleum machinery co.ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Dear Sir, We know you are a well-funded company. Allow to introduce ourselves as a China manufacturer named Baotou found petroleum machinery co., ltd which manufacture sucker rod drill collar heavy weight drill pipe drill pipe pony rodOur production cap
Baotou Jingsheng Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Baotou Jingsheng Industry & Trade Co., Ltd in China, is a professional manufacturing company for ferroalloy cored wires. It produces cored wires of φ10mm, φ13mm, andφ16mm with the following variety: CaSi, FeSi, C, FeTi, FeMn, ReMgFeSi and so on.
Beautik Instruments Co [Pakistan]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We are supplying following products worldwide Professional Hair Scissors,Thinning Scissors,Nail & Cuticle Scissors, Nail & Cuticle Nippers, Nail & Cuticle Pushers, Nail Cutters Acrylic, Nail Tip Cutters, manicure/Pedicure Kits, Tweezers.
Beihai Building Mterial Co.,Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Beihai Building Material Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter in Beijing ,China. Beihai Company established in 2002 , in 2005,our product became the promotional product by the Ministry of Construction.
Beijing Beifang Office Equipment Co., Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We are a leading manufacturer of consumables for digital duplicators and established in 1991, which specialized in the manufacture, development and marketing of digital duplicator consumables such as digital duplicator ink and master.
Beijing Founde Star Science & Technology Co.,Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Broker / Agent]
Beijing Founde Star Science & Technology Co.,Ltd is a specialty manufacturer to engage in the manufacture of materials in many years.
Beijing Kefengshuo Trade Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Trading Company ]
Beijing Kefengshuo Co., Ltd. is an authorized Company by National Foreign Economy Ministry of Trade, we enjoy the self-management & the cargo proxy import-export trade company. We produced the gauze, the safety net, the window screening, the silk screen.
Beijing Samsengsin Trading Co., Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Trading Company ]
We are a pioneer of trading company which exploits germanium mine, produces and exports germanium products to Korea and Japan since 2004.
Beijing Shengan Company [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Beijing shengan Machinery & Electrical Equipment Development Company the most professional company in China producing and exporting both full set and single set of Aluminum composite panel production lines to China and overseas construction markets.
Beijing Shengshi Hengfeng Trading Co., Ltd. [China]
[IMPORTER][Trading Company ]
The scope of business includes non-ferrous metal, iron ore, scrap steel, Oil product, Large-sized Medical Installation, Automobiles and Medical Equipment.
Beijing SR [China]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Trading Company ]
Benshi Group [Syria]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Broker / Agent, Distributor / Wholesaler]
شركة HYDRO-TEC تصنيع وتجارة كافة أنواع رؤوس خراطيم الهيدروليك والسوكيتات , HYDRAULIC FITTINGS شركة BENSHICO تجارة جميع أنواع خراطيم (لي) الهيدروليك, HYRAULIC HOSES رؤوس هيدروليك - خراطيم هيدروليك، HYDRO-TEC، نقارات، راكورات, ,HYDRAULIC HOSES ADAPTOR
Best Enamelware Co.,Limited [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Best Enamelware Co., Ltd in lines of porselen emaye caydanlik (porcelain enamel teapot kettle) , emaye tencereler (enamel casserole) , emaye saklama kabI (enamel storage bowl) . And so on. Which with high quality and nice price
Best International Co., Ltd. [Taiwan]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Trading Company ]
We have been vigilant to those who are cyber-scammers. We are also disgruntled with those suppliers who just try to spam us with their product pitch. We just welcome those who would sincerely like to import our products into their distribution.
Best Metal Products (Dalian) Co.,Ltd. [Dubai]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Established in 2003,Best Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of wire mesh containers, wire decking,and other wire mesh products. We have cooperated with some famous enterprises for many years, such as Sanyo.
Binzhou Lide Industrial And Trading Co.Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Binzhou City Industry and Trade Ltd.Is a specialized in the production of stainless steel slingers (Marine Hardware) - based enterprises.
Bonke Kitchen & Sanitary Industrial Co.,Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
As one of the biggest stainless steel sink manufacturers in China, we Bonke Kitchen & Sanitary industrial Co., Ltd has more than 12 years experience in this line. With monthly output 150,000 pieces of sinks and over 200 various kinds of product items.
Botou City is still the United States and Iron Manufacturing Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Botou, Hebei Province, China Shang Mei iron crafts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 (the original Iron Decorative Oriental Botou City factory in 2003 -2007 years), located in Hebei Province, south-eastern town of casting Botou City, away fr
Brazil Consult [Brazil]
[EXPORTER][Broker / Agent]
We facilitate all exports from brasil all major produce: animal foodstuffs, chemicals, cocoa, coffee, iron ore, iron and steel, machinery, motor vehicles, non-ferrous metals, oranges, soya beans and oil, sugar. Openness & transparency are our key goals.
Bright Tecnology (Shen Zhen) Co.,Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Bright Technology (ShenZhen) Co.,Ltd was established in September,2003. A private enterprise with more than 160 employees; Specialized in designing and manufacturing precision Metal stamping dies. We are able to Manufacture various of metal stamping dies,
C&D Industries Company Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
C & D Industries Co., Ltd , established in 1999, is one of the main manufacturers and exporters involving power transmission and distribution line products in China. Overhead Line Accessories Pole Fittings Insulator Fittings Low Voltage Insulators
Camax Hardware Co.,ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Bases on lose wax casting, focuses on architectural hardware, including panic device (exit device), Lock lever/handle, hinges, door stopper, flush bolt, dust proof strike, soss hinge, spider, casting joint etc
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
In the beginning, CANA produced Coil Roofing Nail only since 1993, and we had increased more machines and expanded into other items since 1996, such as: Coil Wire Nails; Plastic Strip Nails; Clipped Paper Strip Nails, Plastic Sheet Coil nails & T-Nails;
Cangzhou Baisheng Pipe-fittings Manufacturing Co., Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We are a producer of butt-welded elbows, tees, reducers, pipe caps and forged flanges in carbon steel according to GB, SHJ, HGJ, ANSI, JIS, DIN standards.
Cangzhou Binhai Pipe Fitting Manufacturing Co., Ltd, [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We are the manufacture of pipe fittings. We have done this business for many years. We have many news products , such as : carbon steel stainless steel tee reducer and elbow
Cangzhou City Jinxinlei Pipeline Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
vera TEL 86-0317-3089198 FAX 86-0317-3063298 MSN emmaweifang@163.com E-mail jinxinlei.pipeline@163.com
CangZhou City Ruich Hardware Trading Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Trading Company ]
Under Ruich Brand, Ruich alliance organized most valuable factories, it could cover various kinds of standards including steel Pipes: seamless steel pipe, ERW, JCOE, spiral pipe, rectanglular pipe, Pipes Fitting: elbow, flange, tee, cross, reducer, cap..
Cangzhou Fixed Star Steel Co.,Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We are HeBei Fixed Star Steel pipe Co.,Ltd. Our company located in Cangzhou technological development zones.Our company manufactures and processes various of steel pipes and pipe fittings.Such as seamless steel pipes,ERW steel pipes, spiral steel pipes,
Cangzhou Hengli Pipe Fitting Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Carbon Steel Butt Welded Pipe Fittings, ASME, A234 WPB, ANSI B16.9, 1/2"-24" SCH20-SCH XXS Mark Gao. Cangzhou Hengli Pipe Fitting Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Mobile:0086 139 31784612
Cangzhou Ruitai Pipe Fittings Co.,Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Trading Company ]
Our company majors in producing and selling pipe fittings and forging steel flanges. Details as follows: Products: Butt-weld pipe fitting ,for example Elbows,Tees,Reducers,Caps Flanges ,Bends. Sizes: 1/2″---48″ Material:Carbon steel.
Cangzhou Wanji Steel Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We have much superiority in following products.Carbon Steel Pipe: 1.Seamless steel pipe for general use: ASTM A 53 GR.B, Steel Grade: SA53B and specication O.D:1/2"-28",21.34 -711.2mm W.T: SCH10S- SCH120 2.Seamless steel pipe for high temperature:AST
Cangzhou Zhongguan Fittings &Valves Co [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Cangzhou Zhongguan Fitting and Valves Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of steel pipe fittings pipe fittings including,tee,elbow,union,nipple ,quickcoupling,hose,cap,bushing,socket,plug,quick joint,ball valves including 1 PC Ball valve,
CangzhouQiancheng SteelPipe Co.,Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Distributor / Wholesaler]
Cangzhou Qiancheng Steel-Pipe Co., Ltd., seated in the Industrial Zone, Yanshan County, Hebei Province, one of the large-scaleenterprises in North China specializing in producing and marking steel pipe and pipe fittings. It is of convenient transportation
Cangzhouxiangyu Metal Material Co.,Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Our products mainly include Seamless steel pipe, Hot-finished steel pipe, ERW steel pipe ,SAW steel pipe , Pipe fittings, flange ,tee, elbow etc. Those products are not only sold to domestic large-scale enterprises, such as thermal power plant, chemical
Caparo Precision Strip [United Kingdom]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Caparo Precision Strip is a market leader in the manufacture of the highest quality precision steel strip. In Mild, High Carbon Spring Steel, Hardened & Tempered steel strip and Bi-Metal We export world-wide and are actively looking new markets.
Caspian International Fzc [United Kingdom]
[IMPORTER][Trading Company ]
Dear Sir Good day to you We have an excellent expertise in the field of metal scrap industry, both in ferrous and nonferrous scrap with our trading operations from all the major countries across the globe.The commodities being all grades of aluminium
Changshu Feifan Metalwork Co.,LTD [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Changshu Feifan Metalwork Co., LTD previously named Zhangjiagang City Feifan Machine Co ., LTD, which was founded in 2002. We specialize in producing grinding balls from 20mm to 100mm against different level of hardness.
Changshu Huibo Railway Fastener Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
an expert of manufacturing track fasteners, located in Changshu, China, close to Shanghai. Our company ranks a leading position in this industry, awarded with SGS-ISO9001:2008 quality system certificate and CRCC certification
changshu longteng special steel co.,ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Changshu LongTeng Special Steel Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. As a return to the supports and attention of both home and abroad customers, as well as all sections of society, the employees of the company has, developing the enterprise spirits of “goo
Changshu Yirunda Commercial Equipment Accessories Factory [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We have advanced production equipment and many professional technicians, together with first-class managing and administrative personnel. Our responsibility is to provide “good quality and low price” products and quick and satisfactory services for o
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