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Exporter & Importer
Broker / Agent
Marot Food Brokers Inc.
Mr. Jason McVeigh
75 The East Mall
Suite 203
Toronto, Ontario
M8Z 5W3
Tel: 1 416 521-6311
Fax: 1 416 521-6314
Key Figures
Years in Business 21
Annual Revenue USD 2 - 5 Million
Employees 1 - 5
Company Profile
Import and export procurement specialist in the meat and poultry industry. Strong buying power centered on Canadian, USA, Brazilian, Argentinean, and Chilean product.
Product(s) we Sell
[160231 ] Prepared or Preserved Meat, Meat Offal, Blood of Turkeys
[160239 ] Prepared or Preserved Meat, Blood of Poultry (Excluding Turkeys)
[160210 ] Homogenised Preparations (Of Meat, Offal Meat or Blood)
[160220 ] Prepared or Preserved Liver of Any Animal
[160241 ] Hams and Cuts of Swine (Prepared or Preserved)
[160242 ] Shoulders and Cuts of Swine (Prepared or Preserved)
[160250 ] Meat, Offal Meat, Blood of Bovine Animals (Prepared or Preserved)
Target Export Market(s)
Product(s) we Buy
[160239 ] Prepared or Preserved Meat, Blood of Poultry (Excluding Turkeys)
Target Import Market(s)
Products and Services
Marot Food Brokers Inc. provides the following products and services:
poultry, chicken, turkey, hen, pork, beef, mdm, quarters, legs, meat
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