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For Non-Canadian Businesses - Financial Solutions (Buyers of Canadian Products)
Export Development Canada (EDC)
Export Development Canada (EDC)

Export Development Canada, a Crown corporation wholly owned by the Government of Canada, has developed programs to supports foreign buyers of Canadian goods and/or services through loans, guarantees and lines of credit.
Loans to foreign buyer to provide funds necessary to finance the purchase of Canadian goods and/or services. The EDC can provide loans directly to you or through another financial institution. In addition they may also be able to participate in your corporate loan syndications and club deals to help meet your need for consolidated financing.
Guarantees With a loan guarantee from the EDC you may be able to increase the amount of financing available from other financial institutions to support your purchases of Canadian goods and services.
Lines of Credit The EDC can establish Lines of Credit for foreign companies intending to buy repeatedly from Canadian companies. They also have lines of credit established with various foreign financial institutions worldwide that can on-lend money to buyers of Canadian goods and/or services. These lines of credit are particularly suitable for smaller transactions.
Brochure from the EDC
Export Development Canada has prepared a brochure titled "Financial Solutions for Buyers of Canadian Products"
Available in PDF format. Click to download.

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